We are a Somali-Kenyan artisan collective from Dadaab making beautifully handcrafted products inspired by our Somali heritage.



Founded in 2018, NYOTA FARSAMO is a Somali-Kenyan artisan collective from Dadaab, a town in north-east Kenya turned refugee camp in 1991. Made up of 48 women and two men, we work together to make beautifully handmade products inspired by our common Somali heritage.

NYOTA means “star” in Swahili and “FARSAMO” means “artisan” in Somali - this combination of Somali and Swahili represents the mixed cultures of the collective. With our handwork, we hope to share the beauty and story of our culture and improve our challenging situation in Dadaab.

Amina Abd Nour from Dadaab in Nairobi (c


Inspired by our Somali heritage and adapted to modern trends, we make a variety of high quality handmade home décor items and accessories.

ITC Training in Dadaab AUG 2018 (c) ITC


Our traditional skillset includes: tie dye, crochet, plaited basketry, coiled basketry, yarn weaving, woodwork and handwoven textiles. We also have learnt to make a wide range of items specifically for the market in Dadaab – using our creativity to adapt to the camp’s needs: handwoven jerry can fridges, palm straw brooms, handwoven yarn fans, prayer mats etc.


Soo dhowow! Karibu! Welcome!


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